We optimize you.

This is what our products are designed for. This is what we are passionate about. We believe it is possible to design nutritional supplements that solve problems and offer practical benefits for modern living.

Do you need extra energy to push through that important meeting, or to calm your nervous system during periods of stress, tackle that nasty hangover or get healthy sleep when your system is in overdrive? Rohtos Labs formulates products that offer noticeable benefits without the risks or side effects involved in pharmaceuticals or recreational drugs.

In recent years, science has become more and more aware of nutritional supplements and trace elements - and how they can benefit us. By combining current science and research with thousands of years of know-how from traditional Ayurvedic (traditional Indian medicine) and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practices, we are able to create products that increase the ability to maintain optimal balance in the face of physical and mental challenges the modern world throws our way.

With so many supplement companies out there, what makes us different? We developed our nutritional supplements originally for our own demanding needs. The positive feedback we received from friends and families encouraged us to start a commercial activity. We set our goal of making nutritional supplements better and smarter than everyone else.

Our products are designed and manufactured in Finland, using the highest-quality ingredients and no additives or filler materials.

In Finland, we have a very sceptical and demanding population and a challenging nature to test the efficacy of our products; Finns consume more coffee and alcohol per capita than other nationalities, and are prone to be either manic or depressed on depending whether it’s the 24-hour darkness or midnight sun season of the year. We also feature rather strange habits like mobile-phone-throwing, wife-carrying and air-guitar-playing. It’s a great place to design modern supplements.